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Download Metroid Prime Remastered NSP, XCI ROM

    Release DateFebruary 8, 2023
    GenreAdventure Action First-person Platformer
    ROM FormatNSP
    Game Version1.0
    SystemNintendo Switch
    Minimum Required Firmware12.1.0
    LanguagesDutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
    No. of PlayersSingle System (1)
    ESRB RatingTeen
    Supported Play ModesTV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

    Game Description

    Suit up for an iconic adventure

    Metroid Prime Remastered NSP, XCI ROM |

    Intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran receives a distress signal from a wrecked frigate in orbit around planet Tallon IV. Upon investigation, the frigate reveals itself to be a Space Pirate research vessel home to terrifying genetic experiments using the mysterious Phazon substance. There, Samus encounters her nemesis, Meta Ridley, whom she pursues to the surface of Tallon IV. It’s up to her alone to explore the planet’s interconnected regions, investigate its dark secrets, and end the intergalactic threat posed by Phazon.

    Experience this critically acclaimed first-person adventure like never before with remastered visuals, audio, controls, and more.

    Tools of the Hunter

    Trained as a warrior and infused with Chozo DNA, the indomitable Samus Aran patrols the galaxy as a feared freelance bounty hunter.
    Explore some of the Chozo-created weapons and abilities Samus has at her fingertips on this adventure.

    Power Suit
    An advanced Chozo exoskeleton modified for use by Samus Aran, the Power Suit provides life-support functions and is well shielded from attack. The modular nature of the Power Suit allows for the addition of weapons, Visors, climate resistance, and other gear as needed.

    Signature abilities of the Metroid Prime series, the Power Suit’s selectable user interfaces help Samus analyze and interact with the world around her. The Scan Visor allows Samus to investigate objects and enemies from an accumulated database. Upgrades like the Thermal Visor and X-ray Visor allow Samus to see her environment in new ways.

    Arm Cannon
    Samus’ main weapon converts her bioenergy into a Beam, which can be fired rapidly or charged up for greater power. Upgrades like explosive Missiles, the electrified Wave Beam, and others can expand her arsenal in essential ways. Many doors can only be unlocked with specific Arm Cannon abilities.

    Morph Ball
    Samus can transform into Morph Ball form—approximately one meter in diameter—to roll through narrow passages and other hard-to-reach areas. Like the Power Suit, the Morph Ball is modular. There are several modifications that can be added to improve performance, including the Bomb attack and Boost Ball maneuver.

    Explore in eerie isolation

    Journey through the diverse biomes of planet Tallon IV as you uncover the Space Pirates’ sinister experiments and gather information about the toxic substance that left the planet in ruin.

    Awe-inspiring landscapes
    From the quiet stillness of the snowy Phendrana Drifts to the magma geysers of Magmoor Caverns, this alien planet introduces beautifully harsh landscapes and labyrinths.

    Scan your surroundings
    When exploring, the Power Suit visor can interface with machines or uncover helpful information about Tallon IV’s mysterious history. In combat, scanning an enemy can help reveal their weak points.

    Interconnected world
    As you acquire abilities, revisit areas to uncover different routes and secrets hiding in a beautiful-yet-threatening interconnected world.

    Take on extraterrestrial terrors

    Research some of the deadly forces that Samus encounters on her adventure.

    Meta Ridley
    Reborn and evolved through Space Pirate technology, Meta Ridley is a fearsome enforcer with several potent weapons fused to it. Meta Ridley is also a formidable melee combatant, making any sort of engagement a risky proposition.

    Space Pirates
    This species seeks to become the dominant force in the galaxy and pursue technology to help them realize this goal. Ruthless and amoral, the Space Pirates care little for the cost of their ambition.

    Tallon Metroid
    The effects of Phazon have turned these Metroids—a species of alpha predator native to SR388—into a unique subspecies found only on Tallon IV. A Tallon Metroid will latch onto its prey and drain energy, growing larger as it does.

    Parasite Queen
    A parasite that has undergone radical mutations due to Space Pirate bioengineering experiments. As a result, its body grew larger by orders of magnitude, and it can fire beam-shaped energy from its mouth.

    Remastered for Nintendo Switch

    New improvements help Samus Aran’s first-person-adventure debut reach greater heights.

    Revamped visuals and sound
    See—and hear—the classic first-person adventure in a new way with high-definition visuals and modernized, nostalgic audio.

    New (and classic) controls
    Experience Tallon IV with modern dual-analog controls for the first time, as well as nostalgic setups inspired by the original Metroid Prime game for the Nintendo GameCube system and the Metroid Prime: Trilogy games for the Nintendo Wii system.

    Multiple difficulty options
    The Casual difficulty reduces the amount of damage Samus takes in combat, helping you worry less about fighting to focus on exploring.

    Bonus content
    Unlock art created during the development of the original game as well as this remaster, a Soundtrack Gallery, and a 3D Character Gallery.

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    • Metroid Prime Remastered NSP ROM (eShop)
    • Size: 6.8GB

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