Download Shin chan: Shiro of Coal Town NSP, XCI ROM + v1.0.2 Update

Original Name蜡笔小新 煤炭镇
Release DateApril 25, 2024
Game Version1.0.2
SystemNintendo Switch
Minimum Required Firmware17.0.1
LanguagesEnglish, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese
No. of PlayersSingle System (1)
ESRB RatingEveryone
Supported Play ModesTV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode

Game Description

“Shin-chan’s mysterious daily life begins as he shuttles between two worlds: the village of Akita and the coal town.

Shin chan: Shiro of Coal Town NSP, XCI ROM |


Hiroshi, who was suddenly assigned a business trip to his hometown of Akita due to a sudden transfer order. The Nohara family, who arrived in the village near his parents’ home, decided to live in a traditional old farmhouse that retains the atmosphere of the past. In the midst of the tranquil rural scenery, their carefree country life begins.

Shin-chan learns the secrets of countryside play like bug catching and fishing from his grandfather, Gin no Suke. One of the joys is gathering around the hearth with everyone at night to eat local cuisine. In the village, they interact with farmers and make new friends. They were enjoying their happy days, but one morning, Shiro returns covered in soot. Seeing Shin-chan’s puzzled expression, Shiro runs off energetically! Following him leads them to a mysterious train they’ve never seen before. Shin-chan gets aboard, lured by Shiro.

The mysterious train takes them to a town overflowing with energy and liveliness, as if time had stopped in the Showa era. In this town named the ‘Coal Town,’ they see the lively townsfolk working hard. Shin-chan befriends the people of the town, spurred by an encounter with a mysterious girl. Thus begins Shin-chan’s new adventure…

How to Spend Time in Akita

  • Fishing: From rare fish to common ones, various fish inhabit the nature-rich rivers of Akita. There are also crayfish in the irrigation canals… Change the time and location to catch the fish you aim for. Collected fish can be added to your ‘illustrated guide’ collection!
  • Insect Collecting: Many insects inhabit the forests and woods. Fireflies appear at night, creating a fantastical scene. There are even endemic species found only in this village!? Collected insects can be added to your ‘illustrated guide’ collection!
  • Wild Vegetable Gathering: You can find rare mountain vegetables on the roadside and in the mountains of the village. The gathered wild vegetables will come in handy for various tasks! Of course, they can also be added to your ‘illustrated guide’ collection.
  • Vegetable Cultivation: Learn how to grow vegetables from the grannies of Akita. The more you grow, the more new varieties you’ll receive. Fresh vegetables grown in the nature-rich village are perfect ingredients for delicious dishes!

■ How to Spend Time in the Coal Town

  • Invention: In the Coal Town, there’s a very beautiful female inventor! Let’s create surprising inventions together with the mysterious machines she invents. Various items scattered around the town are necessary for invention.
  • Developing Restaurant Menus: The town’s restaurants are a haven for working people. Let’s brainstorm new menus together with the proprietress. Fish caught by Shin-chan and gathered ingredients can be used as ingredients for new menus!
  • Trolley Races: A popular amusement facility for the people of the Coal Town. Racing against the townspeople, winning races can earn you rare items. There are many courses with unique features, from exhilarating jump courses to thrilling battle courses. There are various types of trolleys, from beginner-friendly ones that run steadily to advanced ones that are much faster. Choose according to your own racing style. Some trolleys even have special skills…? There are many items to upgrade the trolley’s performance, such as attack parts that can interfere with opponents, cornering parts that assist smooth driving, and rapid acceleration parts. Customize and create your own favorite trolley.”
  • Shin chan: Shiro of Coal NSP ROM (eShop)
  • Size: 3.0GB
  • Shin chan: Shiro of Coal NSP Update (v1.0.2)
  • Size: 124.8MB

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  1. Hi, Hi, Is anyone facing the same issue as mine? The pop-up window keeps popping up for every step I move.

  2. How many verification page do we need to go before get to the download page? I’ve been clicking 30 pages and still didn’t get to the download page. -_-

    1. There are only two quick verification pages of 15-15 seconds. If you’re having any issues, please provide me with your discord username.

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